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Nepali smile status in nepali language

By | 19.07.2020

We have posted here some Nepali lovely SMS for your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, wife, spouse, lover or some special one. You can use these love messages in Nepali font and language. The relationship between the by and girl become so delicate and beautiful. We called it a love relationship. Earlier, the way of contacting the boy and girl was a bit different than today. In this world of technology, various social sites, text messages have made the couple closer wherever they are… The sending of messages make them feel closer.

Today we are here with the romantic messages for girlfriend. I am sure, boys can make their girlfriends happier by these messages. Check it out!!!! Mootoo maa lookaayr yasaree raakhanoo Jasto manadira maa kohee aafano aashthaa ko deeyo raakhcha Otha maa kohee kashai ko nama raakheko hooncha Raakeko choo yasaree kohee kasjaile yasharee Mutoo dekhee timeelaai jasaree aafano dilamaa rakhcha Prema bhagawaan ko preeya bashtee ho vani Mutoomaa timeelai bhagawaan jasaree raakhe.

You really mean the word to me, I asked myself, how could be this?

nepali smile status in nepali language

I really love you with all my heart. I dread the moments we are apart.

200 Romantic Love SMS in Nepali Language Devanagari Font

You are there for me, through good and bad. You are my everything; you are all I have. I hope you noticed, that these feelings are real when you are near me, i feel so secure and happy. I hope that our love will forever endure, you revealed your true love to me. You revealed a love; I never thought I would see. You mean a lot to me, my love… I will always love you. Timro maya malai jiunuko abhasa timro ankha malai duniyan bachne sahasa. Timro angalo malai lagchha kehi khasa timi nai sabathoka timi nai mero sansa.

Eklai hudan samjhi baschhu timilai sapanama pani bhetchhu ma timilai. Launa yo, ke garyau timile malai dinarata samjhi baschhu matra timilai. Timro kalpanako laharale gheryo mero mutu laharaka pritako kirale khayo kutu kutu. Eklai huda gareka yada timisamu kasari rakhu jivanaka sabai sukha ekatira yo mutu rakhe timro samu. CHune timilai karaudoko majhama harauna nadeu malai lakhauko majhama. Khanchhu kasama, khusi rakhchhu haradama vacha garchhu yo duniyako majhama. Tolo pare unako rupa dekhera ain mayako svarupa banera.It is very important to use the most polite and sensible words by reflecting the wish to praise someone.

In order to make someone happy and to impress them, it is very important to us to choose such words. As praising someone is just like a medicine to make them happy and cheerful. When you praise the angry man, then automatically smile came on his face.

That is why people who praise other become the favorite of everyone. If you coming to Nepal, then you must know the praising and insulting words which may be very beneficial to learn in your journey.

If you want to impress someone then, you must know the praising words and you must start the sentence with the admirable sentence. You can show your respect or love towards them.

Today we are here with the most used sentences to praise the boy. We have mentioned the different ways to praise by saying looking handsome in Nepali.

Diwali Wishes, Messages ,Quotes, Sms, Status In Nepali Language

The sense of saying you are handsome generally used to indicate the boys. So, we are here with the different ways of saying handsome to the boy in Nepali. Check it out. Hence, when you really find some boy handsome and willing to tell that you are handsome to any boy who is similar to age of yours then you have to think and say frankly.

If you make mistakes, then they think that you are teasing or making fun of him. You must have to also show respect and dedication of love towards him to make him attractive. You can use this phrase to any boy may be stranger if you really feel that he is handsome.

The word ramro means Attractive. Being a girl, if you say timidherairamrodehiyekoxau then, a boy will really blush. This is also one of the best tricks of impressing or saying you are handsome to any boy. If you find somebody really loos attractive and handsome then you can use this phrase. You can even use this phrase to impress the stranger too. At the first meeting, if you got the boy looks handsome then, you can use this phrase and if a boy is of the same age to yours then you can, later on, use the above phrase.

If we talk about the essence of Nepalese narration to say that you are beautiful to the boy whom you really want to be close then you to have shown some respect and some craziness too. This phrase is mainly used to the boy whose age and status is greater than yours. You can add some poem in the words of yours and exactly make him impress and it will make him feel in a realistic manner if you say the word from the core of your heart. So, for it, you can say the upper narration which will exactly make her impressed.

Your saying words in Nepali narration will make them feel in a realistic manner if you say it from your core of the heart. The above Nepali narration reflects that you are really handsome and I even get mesmerized by your personality.

It is the cutest and sweetest sentence used for the boy to impress him. In Nepal, the boy is considered to start the conversation with girl and girl do not actually praise the beauty of a boy.

But with time, the girl is doing all the things same like boys. So, if she finds somebody really handsome, then she can praise his beauty by using above sentence in Nepali.Most people know the benefits of laugh and status is such a good way to share your mood with friends and boost their mood. Laugh is the best weapon against stress that we gain during working day.

When we surf internet we are looking for some funny things and when we find it first thing we do is sharing it with our friends. This site is a place where people share with their favorite smile statuses. With a few clicks your profile page will look bright and original. Smile statuses and quotes. Group: Smile. Text: Smile Like view status. Text: Just realized how much i miss my childhood cartoons. Text: its me Text: Girls are funny creatures. They hate it when you ask their age but will kill you if you forget their birthday.

Text: Never let the world change your smile, but let your smile change the world. Text: Dear, whoever is reading this, Smile. Life is too short to be unhappy.

Nepali Smile Status – That will make your day beautiful

Text: Smile, Text: it's almost the end of You'll be surprised how many people you've made smile. Text: I would do anything, give anything just to see you smile. Because I love you : x. Text: I don't smile to hide any pain, or laugh to hold tears back. I smile because I'm happy and laugh because I'm blessed. Text: Never let the world wipe the smile off ur face.

But show the world how beautiful ur smile is. Because a smile is one simplest thing that can change the world.

nepali smile status in nepali language

Text: says, "the best kind of kiss, is the kind you have to stop, because you cant help but smile. Text: Surround yourself with the ones who matter most and care for you and you'll always have a smile.

Rate page: All ratings: 46average 4.Seeing our beloved one smiling is so pleasurable. It can make you happy with others as well. For your smiling pictures, your loved one and best friends, here are some adorable smile status and captions. You can certainly discover a reason to smile by reading this adorable smile status. Smiling has a lot of beneficial impacts on our brains, bodies, and individuals. It can make you feel better, make you more appealing, and you can make the world a better place just by smiling more often.

Smiling creates an influx of beneficial feelings, according to researchers, to assist relieve stress and reduce your blood pressure.

You profit from your health and happiness every time you smile. Not only can your mood be lifted by smiling, it can also raise the mood of those around you. It provides them a boost of happiness when you smile at others, helps them lead a healthier life, and affects how they view you.

If we all smile more at ourselves and at others, the world would be a nicer place. The next time you feel nervous, stressed out, or just need to raise your mood, attempt to smile and think about something useful.

This is the beginning of opening your heart to others and being sympathetic. Sometimes the source of your smile is your happiness, but sometimes the source of your happiness can be your smile. Girls are abusing it! Models are selling this! Cage it by photographers! Doctors recommend it! It is created by artists! Show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile when life offers you one hundred reasons to weep.Tihar has got great value in Nepali society.

This festival helps to bring brothers and sister together. Nepal is a country that has many important festivals. Tihar is a festival that includes five important days. First day of Tihar is Kaag tihar. Kaag or crow is a bird which is celebrated as first day. At this day we offer food and worship crow at morning. It is said that crow bring message of god from Yama lok. Second day of tihar is Kukur Tihar. During this day we worship our dog. People firstly clean there dog and put tika and mala. They also offer food to there dog.

Dog is the animal which is most faithful to human beings. Third day of tihar is Gai Tihar. Gai means cow in Nepali. We refer cow as mother. In this day rongoli are also made in front of house. Afternoon a special worshiping is done called as laxmi puja. It is said that goddess Laxmi will give us lots of money and good fortune. Fourth day of Tihar is Goru Tihar. Goru means ox.

On the very day newari community people also clebrate as Maha Puja which means worshiping self sprite. Fifth and final day of Tihar is Bhai Tika. This is the day at which sister put tika to their brothers forehead and pry for god for healthy and prosperous life. In return brothers also provide so gifts to their sisters.

We have provided some of the best Deepawali wishes, status, quotes, sms, messages greetings cards and wallpapers for you. Be sure sure to share with your friends and families. Tihar ko subhakamana. Deepawali rangoli diyo ra pataka le yo tihar chamkeyos.

Happy Tihar to all Nepali. Mero yehi kamana chha. Tihar ko subhakamana sampurna afanta tatha sara Nepali ma. May the festival of light bring happiness, peace and prosperity in our lives. May the festival of lights fill your home with peace and happiness!

May this festival of light bring happiness and prosperity to you all and shine bright.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. This is one of the interesting app in Nepali language, all fun around this app like jokes,sms,poems,quotes,folk songs,paheliya etc. Jokes is a list of the funniest, most hilarious jokes out there. A jokes is a display of humour in which words are used within a specific and well-defined narrative structure to make people laugh.

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Reviews Review Policy. View details. Flag as inappropriate. See more. Quotes Nepal.

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Best art letter wallpaper you can set picture to whatsapp Profile picture.

nepali smile status in nepali language

Lion photo Editor. Decorate your Photo with Lion photos with amazing Collection. Doll HD Wallpapers. Best Barbie Doll Wallpapers and Images free download for mobile full size pic. Birthday Wishes Status and Quotes.Find here life quotes in Nepali language and font. We have published quotes, SMS, messages, Shayari, poems, msg, text msg, sayings, stories in Nepali language and font. Get all quotes about life in Nepali. Jivanama sabaibhanda thulo mahima bhaneko kahilyai pani naladanu ho, ra uthanu ho hareka choti jaba hami ladachhaun.

Nelasana mandela. Tapainko samaya simita chha, tyasaile kasaile jivanama yasalai rvyartha nabanaunuhos. Matabhedako pasoma naparnuhos, juna aru vyaktiko sochako natijako satha banchiraheko chha. Yadi jivana purvanumana garna sakinthyo bhane yo jivana rahana banda hunthyo, ra vina svadako. Yadi tapain jivanama ke chha, henuhunchha bhane tapainsanga jahile pani adhika hunchha.

Yadi tapaiko jivanama ke chhaina, henuhunchha bhane tapaisanga kahile pugdaina. Yadi tapain hasyaspada rupama tapainko lakshya seta garnubhayo bhane yo eka viphalata ho, tapain asaphala hunuhunchha bhane sabaijana saphalata paunchha. Jivana bhaneko tyahi ho jaba tapain anya yojanaharu banauna vyasta hunuhunchha. Jahan gae pani prema phailaunuhos. Kasaile pani khusiyali nachhodikana tapaikahan aune chhaina. Jaba tapain aphno doriko antama pugnuhunchha, euta gantha bandhnuhos ra parkhanuhos.

Sadhain samjhanuhos ki tapain bilkula anauntho hunuhunchha. Aruharu jastai. Tapaile katani gareko balibata ra ropeko biubata hareka dina nyaya nagarnuhos. Bhavisya tiniharukai ho jasale aphana sapanaharuko sundaratama visvasa garchhan. Eleanor roosevelt. Malai bhana ra ma birsanchhu. Malai sikaunuhos ra malai yada hunchha. Malai samela garnuhos ra ma sikchhu. Sansaraka sababhanda ramra ra ramra chijaharu dekhna va chhuna pani sakidaina.

Helena kelara. Yo hamro andhakaramaya kshanaharu ma nai hamile prakasa hena dhyana kendrita garnupardachha. Bato jahan jana sakchha tyahan januhos, sadaka nabhaeko thaunma januhos ra eka chhapa chhodnuhos.

Zindagy ko path vaneko asto ho jun sochera hidinxa tyo kahile hudaina ra j hunxa kalpanama pani gareko hunna. Your email address will not be published.

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